Schmeichel & Tinkah Releases since Dec 201704.05.18

Since December 2017 the PatSel crew released Schmeichel's & Tinkah's Herbs as well as A Dream In The Life Of Tinkah. These two releases are pertaining to a common musical narrative the two cohabitants and friends tended to create within the last months. We are proud to host Schmeicks and Tinkah as musicians and friends of the PatSel family. More productions of these two talents will follow for sure on Pattern//Select!

Selected Loops announced18.07.17

Pat//Sel members unite with swiss-based beat-conglomerate The Loops to put together an eclectic release featuring Leipzig's local beat scene with new works from Schmeichel, Duktus, smog, crssspace and others as well as artists from the wider German scene such as +ma, L One and Pawcut. International producers come from the USA, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. The artwork comes from Klappmesser Production with whom Pattern//Select is happy to announce additional collaborative works in the future. Release is scheduled for mid September. Big things to come!

Pat//Sel lumping together with patterned collective20.03.17

Patterned collective is a Dresden based association of fine art students forging all sorts of graphic patterns. As we think that is a cool thing to do Pat//Sel people will collaborate with the girls at their Leipzig exhibition taking place April 7th to 9th at Handstand und Moral. Join us at the vernissage Friday night for a little footwork business, when Pat//Sel fellows crssspace, Schmeichel, smog and DasKidmo spin some records and come see the some lush grapic and tonal artworks including sounds by Konvolut Mormor, Duktus, Niedermoor and crssspace.  

Vernissage will take place Friday from 9 pm.

Exhibition opening times are Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 3 pm.

Drawing above by Anne Reiter.

Don't fuck with angry producers17.02.17

What. a. night. 

After sizzling sets with Rhua, crssspace, Schmeichel, Duktus, smog, Ranko and Delta Aquari, Rhuas equipment got stolen. While figuring out, that gear is missing, a person tried to run off with an SP-404. In hot pursuit with 6 producers and friends, he dropped the gear and escaped through the park nearby. His partners in crime were still at the venue and managed to make their way out by intimidating the guests that identified them as thiefs. After all, an anonymous person brought back the stolen equipment (we still have to figure out why) and the whole night came to a good ending. Without Jimmi tackling one of the thiefs and saving the sampler, this night would have ended much much worse. 

Thank you J (we owe you more than one) and thanks for all the support and a very alert crowd @ Pr***t! You don't see that very often! <3 

...and f*** those thiefs. for real!

AkikoxRasmus in concert17.02.17

We were happy to host one of the most beautiful events in our short history. Rasmus Zschoch and Akiko Nakayama delivered a breathtaking artistic performance at GAPGAP artspace in Leipzig on Feb 11th 2017. The crowd showed us as a label and the artists - supported by a stunning live set by KONVOLUT MORMOR and a beautiful ambient DJ-Set by Delta Aquari - so much love that we were simply overwhelmed. In addition to the audiovisual performances, we had the honour to have CROM and Petrikov as supporting visual artists at the venue. It was a real pleasure to work with so many wonderful artists at a single venue. Much love to the crowd and thank you for this amazing support! We love you!

Pattern//Select + O-Nei-Ric Tapes team up for new Split tape26.11.16

The Pat//Sel crew is incredibly happy to announce their next and upcoming tape with Sydney-based beat collective O-Nei-Ric Tapes. The beautiful cover art comes from Leipzig resident artist Konstantin Rosenkranz. Featured are beat-art heavyweights such as fushou., stlndrms and o̶xela. as well as already known Pat//Sel roster producers such as Duktus, Schmeichel and many others. Two guests complete the Pat//Sel side. Tech Flips, formerly known as snvrls joins in with two lofi-bap classics and hailing from the UK seaside anomaly adds up with bit-crushed lofi-sound. We also welcome Rhua as a new addition to our permanent roster with his vibrant track Equal Eye as a debut piece for Pattern//Select.
Release is scheduled for mid-december 2016. More info coming in soon!

You need a tracklist? Here it is:

A (O-Nei-Ric side)
01 – agnarkea - +multi purpose bic
02 – Korporal K – Quioccasin
03 – treru – friday brown
04 – fushou. – sky
05 – fujitsu – infinite trickle
06 – ycbej – orchest
07 – LZY_GREY x Kodu – moon picnic
08 – linanthem – he said just live your life
09 – stlndrms – Peanut butter
10 - o̶xela. – pierced
11 – space_flo - zəp'plīn _bôwncə
12 – Sycho Gast – wednesday
13 – joeshort – ways
14 – A’daleis – Malaise
15 – linK – mindstate
16 – F@ B – silence
17 – C.R.I.S.T.E.N. – Commtted
B (Pattern//Select side)
01 – smog – egomood // intro
02 – snvrls. – clockwrk
03 – Rhua – Equal Eye
04 – anomaly – SHE SAID
05 – anomaly – FEAR
06 – snvrls. – fire bender
07 – DasKidmo – dhyana
08 – crssspace – gottorestmyhead
09 – Duktus – Sause
10 – Schmeichel – LeanLoop
11 – Niedermoor – B106
12 – Angel Palermo – freeride
13 – arbour – sounds of yearning

Our website is on! Feel free to stop by!23.10.16

Lots of words, lots of photos and a whole bunch of beautiful things to buy. Pat//Sel's own website goes online today. From now on you will find tapes, prints, zines and handicrafts in our store. Backstories to our roster provide you with detailed info about each artist on our label. You can keep yourself updated with upcoming live venues and check out new episodes of Quality Time in the media section. What about our friends and family? Check 'em out in the link section. 

Feel free to stay as long as you want. Coffee is still hot and we always got some food cooking in the kitchen!